Rights and duties of patients

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Rights and duties of patients


Be served without any discrimination
Choose the health personnel of your preference according to the possibilities of the institution
Communicate directly with our staff to resolve your concerns
Accept or reject the procedures indicated by our staff.
A second medical opinion about your diagnosis or treatment
Be treated with dignity and respect by our staff
That your information be treated in accordance with our data protection policy.
Served in a safe, comfortable and clean facilities.
Receive or reject spiritual support
Participate or not in medical research
Accept or reject the attention of personnel in training
Receive information about home care after being treated.
Claim, suggest and congratulate
Know the costs of the services received
Be attended in case of emergency.
Dying with dignity
Manifest physical and emotional pain and receive appropriate and timely treatment.


Report timely, clearly and truthfully all about your state of health
Meet the entry and exit requirements of the Clinic and delegate a person to represent you
Fulfill the agreed appointments and notify 24 hours in advance if they can not be fulfilled.
Respect the people who attend you, other patients and visitors
Comply with the rules of the Clinic.
Report suspicious facts perceived during your stay at the institution
Respect the privacy of other patients
Express in writing your refusal of any treatment or procedure
Manifest your claims, suggestions and congratulations
Comply with medical orders related to your treatment.
Cancel or facilitate the timely payment of the services received
Care and make rational use of the physical resources of the institution.

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