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Cl韓ica Medel韓 is one of most important heatlh institution of the city, whit 70 years of experience, and 2 locations strategically located..

We are a highly complex clinic with a portfolio of services including hospitalization, Intensive Care Units, Cardiology and Oncology Units, and operating rooms equipped with the most complete medical technology, among others.

Cl韓ica Medell韓磗 international patient office works permanently to satisfy the necessities of the foreign patients and their families, who require advice before their arrival to the city, during their stay and after their departure from our Institution.

From our office, we offer high quality attention, based on the comprehension of the personal necessities and feelings of our foreign patients.

Our international patient office is the link and bridge between the patient and the Clinic. Guaranteeing warmth in the attention, is a highly specialized team that allows us to bring you a complete service under the safest conditions.

Besides, we offer complete support to the doctors abroad and their foreign patient referrals. Those patients who are looking for a medical appointment, a second opinion or a treatment in a complex disease are also our special audience.


Our services and personalized advice for you include:

  • Travel advice previous to the trip: Medellin city information about hosting, visas, tourism and transportation.
  • Insurance and travel agency
  • Admission process.
  • Transportation service: airport/hotel/ clinic.
  • Process, laboratory and medical tests scheduling.
  • Medical appointment with our specialists.
  • Payments and deposits (international bank transferrals).
  • Your medical personalized price offer.
  • Exchanges of medical registers an hospital information.
  • Helping you meet your requirements before leaving the hospital and your arrival to your city of origin.

If you want to know the possible value of your entire attention we can provide it for you before your procedure, including rates for services such as hospitalization and diagnosis services (computed tomography, clinic laboratory, MRI, sleep laboratory and others).
Our staff will also help you manage the deposits, electronic transferrals and other financial matters during and after your procedure.

If you have any type of health insurance, we are able to work with them provided with their requirements and standards.

As complementary services we offer the patients and their families, information about:

  • Hotel agreements in the city.
  • Booking taxis in the city.
  • Information about places of interest, entertainment and culture.
  • Touristic local agencies.

Appointment requirements:

Make sure you arrive with the following:
  • Medical exams and diagnostic material.
  • Passport or any other legal personal ID.
  • Complete information regarding your insurance policy.
  • Your complete medical file including results and medical reports that are no older than six months.
  • Test results such as MRI, PETCT, tomography provided to us in diagnostic images and electronic media.